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Reservoir &
Over 15 years of downhole (reservoir) surveillance experience exists at Ethos Design & Development Inc. Focussing primarily on in-situ pressure and temperature measurements, we have monitoring experience in both thermal (SAGD, CSS) and cold production fields, and spanning production wells, injection well, and observation wells.

This also includes multiple CO2 CCS (carbon capture & sequestration) wells, including Alberta's first CO2 EOR pilot.

Sensing systems employed have included:
- eletrical strain-based pressure
- vibrating wire pressure & temperature
- thermocouples and RTD's
- optical temperature and pressure (single point)
- optical distributed temperature (DTS) and distributed accoustic sensing (DAS)
- 3D accelerometers (geophones)

All, deployed on both the inside and/or outside of the production casing (permanently cemented in place).

In short, full, turn-key solutions including:
- wellbore design
- instrumentation design & layout
- deployment system manufacturing
- commissioning
- installation and surface completion
- surface data acquisition and power
- data management & reporting